Thomas’ selection

First I had to leave my home, in Lyon – France (3 photos)


Secondly, I discovered the basis of long-term travelling (9 photos)


Nowadays, travelling also means to take a lot of pictures… (13 photos)


Travelling is discovering some new interests in life (3 photos)


During our travels, the other interest is us (2 photos)


And there are many new friends… (9 photos)


What is travelling for me? (2 photos) 


In 8 months, I have learned a lot of things about me and Aurelie. I also have discovered the world as it is and everywhere various human beings with dark and bright sides. I agree that, as some wise people told me, we are all brothers and sisters on this earth. I will just add that we have grown up neither in the same family nor in the same environment. This journey and those meetings have already helped me do something different in my life. And sincerely, I am happier!

Enjoy travelling!