AWPs begins

AWPS is an experimental project.
The idea is to create portraits of landscapes, animals, plants, persons, moments, etc. which help me feel gratitude, hope, well being, joy, sense or anything that reminds me why it is so awesome to be alive!
By portraits, I mean creations of different forms including photos, drawings, videos, texts, sounds…
My goal is to dare to create content, following my heart, and to share it.
Let’s get ready to create!

But why?

I have always felt a deep desire to inspire others, help them feel good about themselves
and realize their dreams. But how to do that when I, as an individual, haven’t found the recipe to do it for myself?
Have you ever felt like our world didn’t make sense? Have you ever hoped for more than the future society had conditioned and designed for us? Have you ever felt like seeking for perfection in all of your actions, thoughts and words seemed to be the only way to contributing to making the world a better place?
Because I do and I am tired of feeling like a victim, trapped. Today, I just want to break out!
I have no idea where this is going to lead me but I would rather fall 1000 times than to have never tried to be me: imperfect but conscious, seeing reality and creating my own future.


So when does it start?

One of my strongest believes was that hope, compliments, drive or authorization to be me needed to come from others… Fortunately, I have come to realize that my expectations were displaced and that the only person capable of this was: ME!
I therefore launched AWPs, in December 2016, at the beginning of one-year trip with Thomas, my boyfriend and travelling partner.


Want to know more?

Our journey took us to several countries around the world including: Canada, New Zealand, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Vanuatu…
You can also watch some videos on Thomas’s vimeo channel: here.