Mother Nature

After 10 days in an Ashram, a week in an Ayurvedic Clinic and a week in a yoga center, I was feeling GOOD.  I mean, I could smell the roses with a peaceful mind, just thinking about the smell and the roses. For me this state is still rare enough to notice and celebrate it.

So when Thomas and I headed to our final destination for our last days in Kerala, I was ready to fully take in everything we lived there: an immersion in a paradise where the nature is respected by the locals and reminds us of her beauty.


During our stay in this living paradise, we went on a couple of canoe tours and walks.  At the end of a tour, I thanked our host and guide for the wonderful experience. His reply surprised me and made me feel full of gratitude: “it is not me, it is Mother Nature that we should all thank”.

At the Ashram, I learnt the importance of thanking Mother Nature in prayers. On my last days in Kerala, I deeply felt her beauty, her generosity, her strength as well as her fragility . Now I am grateful, I can see, hear, feel, enjoy what she offers us without taking it all for granted.

I hope I’ll get to see more places like this on my journey. Paradoxically, I also hope for such places to remain unknown, hidden from globalisation and tourism.



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