Fatima: Mrs Fairness

Fatima is one of the first persons I met in India. I was rapidly stocked by her fairness towards everyone including herself.

Her questions, her observations, her comments, her attitude, everything seemed to be perfectly chosen, timed and dosed. Even when she didn’t know the person in front of her or couldn’t speak the same language, it seemed like she was tuned on some special frequency on which she could sense the invisible.

I cannot remember what the context was but one day I used the expression “life sucks and then you die”. She stopped me and said “Life is perfect with its ups and downs, and this is why you are here.” Of course, I was being sarcastic and as much as I can I try to have a positive attitude towards life. But that day when she replied, I profoundly realized the importance of words and how the presence of such sentences in my mind could influence and limit the possibilities. 

Let me explain. If I tell you to “think of any colour but blue”, the first colour to come to mind is… BLUE! Because the word is mentioned and heard, it connects both the sender and the receiver to it. Hence the importance to consciously choose my words.

There would be a lot more to say about Fatima but today, I just want to make a bow for her, Mrs Fairness.


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