Our trip around the world

It’s been two weeks since the beginning of our 8-month trip with Thomas. We have already learned a lot about ourselves, experienced numerous magic moments and met quite a few inspiring persons. Yet it has been challenging for me to find the right topic for my first article…

Tonight, I know.

I am grateful Thomas and I found what it takes to make this trip happen. It started with a dream, in 2013: moving to Canada. Then it turned into a double-dream: travelling around the world and then moving to Canada. Now it is an open adventure that may or may not end with Canadian residency.

Truth is all that matters today is that we have traded our jobs, our materials belongings, our stability and our security for the unknown! To push the experience a little further, we have decided to pack light and leave with 15kg each (all IT gears included).

Was it a courageous or a crazy move? Probably a mix of both. Most of all, it was a call from the heart, a wish for more that the two of us shared strongly enough to make it real.



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